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The Awareness phase identifies the unique situation of your organisation.
Many change initiatives focus only on the technical or financial aspect and forego the human side of change. By tapping into the behavioural norms and expectations of your employees, the Star Performance Group process begins with the assessment or diagnosis of the prevailing occurrent culture that exists in the organisation.  Culture is the set of shared values, beliefs, and customary ways of thinking that  shapes and guides work behaviour and performance.  By attaining trends and patterns among the respondents, an accurate picture of what the feelings of the people within the organisation emerges  – what  employees perceive is expected of them. 

It is vital at the same time to extract qualitative data that describes the tends and patterns of how people in the organisation would like to ‘show-up’ and work in the attainment of both their personal goals and, those  of the organisation.

Organisations have a mission with many goals. In order to attain them, a clear expectation of it’s members’ behaviours need to stated and agreed upon. This allows for the appropriate steps for the alignment of individuals and teams around the common purpose of the organisation .