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Managing Diversity

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As global organizations become increasingly diverse, they can benefit greatly from the complementary backgrounds and perspectives of their members.

Realising these benefits, requires members to understand and respect differences and, at the same time, come to agreement on a set of shared values and goals toward which they can work.
The Organizational Alignment process provides the tools for identifying and developing an integrative culture
Specific areas of success:

  • Procurement and Supply
  • Shared Services
  • Integration of Business process Re-engineering/Initiatives
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Integration of Human Capital and Organizational Capital
  • Where cultures clash
  • Promoting Collaborative Union-Management Relationships

Cultural analysis is a powerful tool for promoting joint union-management problem-solving activities. It assists unions and management representatives understand the culture that has emerged in their workplace. 

It defines a more desirable culture that they collectively believe in and specific behaviors that need to be changed.